Windows 11 already published: what new it brought

Computer specialists say that OS Windows 11 is a product of a pandemic that is created for the most comfortable and effective work.

This is true because the launch of the system has become faster and smoother, and the consumption of hardware has decreased. Also, mobile devices now have savings of the battery to extend the period of autonomous operation.

The Windows 11 control system is very simple compared to the previous version of this OS. As part of this product, the control elements became forgiven and automated according to the comfort of the computer user.

In terms of productivity, you can configure the number of desktops needed for different tasks such as:

  • Working on documents and online business.
  • Social contacts. To make it convenient for users to use video and messengers, these programs have become the default. You can go from work to communication or mail with a few clicks.
  • The OS is now optimized for computer games on different bases, and can also connect external consoles and manipulators. Graphics are much better and optimized specifically for video games.

Windows 11 continues a trend that leads developers to improve the comfort and efficiency of the remote command. The concept of one system for all devices is finally realized.

You will be able to see new features such as a global search for all connected devices and a quick transition from a computer to a laptop. Also, the tablets became more «obedient».

As for text typing, each PC user will now be able to manage their programs with a voice assistant, and Windows 11 has an improved one. Developers added some useful voice commands to the document editing process, which you can now do without touching.

In addition, you can enjoy other useful and necessary innovations; experts in the field of computer technology are sure of this.

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