Apple devices with hydrogen battery in self-healing case

The green economy has become very popular in the modern world. The citizens of our planet have not yet mastered decarburization, but have already fallen in love with such a trend as hydrogen energy. All the cutting-edge corporations responded to the world’s demand and released devices on a hydrogen basis.

Apple engineers patented an innovative device on a hydrogen fuel cell basis. The hydrogen-electric battery can increase the life of your devices. More energy efficiency of this type of fuel will help you.

Nevertheless, the essence of a hydrogen battery is that alkaline batteries and other types of batteries that we use in the modern industry have side effects. Despite their low cost and high energy intensity, they contain chemicals and rare earth metals that can cause serious harm to the environment and human health. The abandonment of fossil fuels and the switch to electricity became popular due to this.

This is an invention by Apple engineers that looks like fantasy. The manufacture of mobile devices casings has a basis of «smart» materials that will repair cracks and scratches in automatic mode. The damage will be «healed» by biological tissue.

However, experts argue that Apple issues patents for innovation every year, but most of them remain mere ideas, and many were not established.

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