Meta-universe of Facebook

As a result of a major rebranding, Facebook got a new name – Meta. Users will have the opportunity to communicate through avatars, study and work in the virtual space using VR-glasses.

The main directions

The Facebook founder believes that VR and AR will become the technologies to be used every day. The main directions of Meta’s development in the coming years are:

  • Work and communication. In the Horizon virtual space, consisting of separate services, Meta-universe users will be able to communicate and work. There will be a virtual home, as well as public and work spaces. People will be able to hold working meetings, organize parties, communicate with friends, attend concerts and other events, and watch movies. Users will have the opportunity to create and develop their own avatars. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will appear in virtual reality, and other services will move to a virtual reality format as well. There will be applications that can be used through the Oculus device.
  • Games. Meta plans to actively develop games with virtual reality elements. Rockstar Games has already announced the release of games adapted for the Oculus Quest 2 helmet, including the popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA).
  • Workouts. It is planned to launch an app and virtual space for fitness and other sports. For example, users will be able to learn to dance or boxing with a virtual opponent.
  • Education. The sphere of online education will develop thanks to VR and AR devices. They will allow users to train certain professional skills. For example, future surgeons will be able to practice performing surgeries in a virtual format.
  • A unified system of accounts. Users in the Meta-universe will not be tied to specific social networks. To log in to Oculus Quest and other games and applications, a single ID will be enough.
  • Development of VR and AR devices. The Meta-universe will be accessed with special virtual and augmented reality devices. In other words, the user will need a VR-/AR-helmet or glasses. In this regard, Meta will soon take up the release of the new equipment. For example, Project Cambria AR headset is scheduled to be released soon, and Project Nazare AR glasses are planned for the future. Facebook has already sold over 8 million Oculus Quest 2 helmets so far.

The Meta-universe will support NFTs: non-interchangeable tokens that could become the basis of its economy. With the help of these tokens the user will be able to own and trade digital items and characters and objects, as well as virtual real estate.

The metaworld concept looks like the future of the network space and the Internet. However, its full realization will take at least 5-10 years.

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