Facebook’s VR bracelet controls augmented reality with mind power

Facebook developers introduced a bracelet to manage virtual (or augmented) reality to the attention of users.

This device analyzes some impulses that come from my brain to my fingers and recognize them as computer commands. They, in turn, help us manipulate virtual reality images that the device projects into space.

You can control the Facebook VR bracelet with your mind. You will no longer need a keyboard or mouse. Now, that idea has been realized.

However, this bracelet can read only a few commands, but it is a good initial step in the development process.

The concept’s essence

What is the practical purpose of the Facebook VR bracelet? The first is to create a desktop of a user’s computer right in the space in front of it. You no longer need monitors, and a virtual projector can form a tridimensional desktop with ease. This way it can increase the ability to work with content.

The user scrolls through the pages of the sites, dials text, and works with the design of the device.

In particular, the augmented reality control bracelet will be a favorite helper for engineers, designers, and architects. This simplifies work with tridimensional models of rooms, buildings, and technological equipment.

You can also help yourself with the arts. All you need other than this invention is your fantasy. Therefore, you can watch your favorite TV series not on a flat TV screen, but right in the space of your favorite room. You’ll even be able to interfere with this series with your new VR bracelet.

You will be able to experience the same intense emotions during your favorite cinema as in your personal life.

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