A healthy lifestyle with a Samsung bracelet

Samsung bracelet is the clever assistant of any athlete. Recently, the latest version of this bracelet has been released for sale. This device is called  GALAXY FIT 2.

New features

First of all, Samsung’s new smart bracelet was sold at a price that was half the size of the previous one. This allowed the bracelet to become an affordable product even for modest means health-minded people.

  • The display size has increased and you will be able to read all the data without difficulty, even during sports or running.
  • The battery life after power is now up to nine days if you disable the additional functions.
  • Synchronization of the fitness bracelet with other devices such as smartphones and tablets has been improved.

In addition, you have to point out the fact that the elements of artificial intelligence have become much better. For example, Samsung Fitness Bracelet Software contains information about your sports procedures and physical condition. You can also choose between modes such as sports and fitness. The bracelet contains a few dozen generic templates.

The user will not spend his time setting up the bracelet modes from now on because this device solves most of the tasks by itself using the analysis of your sport mode.

The operation of the bracelet together with the smartphone also appeared because the device has a small display. It allows the user to communicate with his friends or to solve business problems during sports activities.

You can also train with your friends in a remote format. You’ll be able to compete with them with a long-distance bracelet

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