IT technology in the Secret Benefits application

Secret Benefits app was developed on the initiative of the popular online dating service where women look for rich and adult men. Today, all those women who want a patron can find such a person easily. To do this, you just have to download free apk, install the application and start using it.

Secret Benefits: «sugar» dating website

Secret Benefits is a popular website where young women aged 18-24 are looking for someone called Sugar Daddy. To understand why the site has become so popular, you can simply read their main strengths:

  • The site was created for a very specific purpose. Therefore, everyone here knows exactly who wants what, and that avoids unnecessary misunderstandings.
  • You have to pay for the main features of the site. To do this, users buy virtual credits, which are paid only for the options that interest them. Moreover, it’s more honest than paying for a subscription.
  • The site requires data verification, which provides a sufficient level of trust among users.
  • Participants decide who can view their accounts.

Secret Benefits audience

At this site, there are over a million users, of which 70 % are US citizens. More than 15 thousand users visit this site per day. There are three times more women than men on this site, while the average age of girls is 21 years. As for men, the prevail age group is persons between 45 and 47 years.

Secret Benefits is one of the most popular sites in it field that has earned the trust of users, and its beautiful design and simple interface make the process of finding new acquaintances both easy and pleasant act.

Creating an account at Secret Benefits

If you start learning Secret Benefits, you will notice that the main site is quite simple. To start using it, you should first start an Android apk downloads, and then install Secret Benefita app and register your new account there. To do this, the program will ask you to fill out a few lines in a small questionnaire such as:

  • email;
  • password;
  • date of birth;
  • place of residence;
  • body type;
  • ethnicity.

You will spend less than one minute to register, after which you will be able to search for women or men immediately. You do not need to upload your photo to your profile, but it is best if you do so if you plan to improve your chances of finding a partner that suits you faster.

Every woman’s questionnaire is verified by the Secret Benefits administration on time. For this purpose, they have developed a special registration procedure to which each user is subject. Men can therefore be sure that they are communicating to the very person that the user of the opposite gender claims to be.


Programs like Secret Benefits, as well as many others like this, where there are adult content and interesting features, you will not be able to download from Google Play. But today, it is out of the question because you can always start free apps download in the form of APK-files from unique special sites. In addition, in such web portals often there is a blog where you can learn about the most interesting mobile programs.

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