Why website downtime monitoring is essential for your business

Too often, online businesses and website owners get so wrapped up in marketing strategies that they overlook monitoring uptime — an essential element of success. When a website outage arises without warning (and inevitably will), visitors are turned away, and potential customers are lost. So, stay vigilant about your resource and regularly check website status to protect the business from costly downtime.

Website downtime means lost revenue

As an online business, you know that downtime can cause a severe loss of revenue. If your site goes down at any time, prospects will likely switch to one of your competitors instead. To mitigate this risk and keep conversions, leads, and profits healthy, monitor the statistics closely on specific services where you can check these problems – either iwastesomuchtime.com outages or issues with any other platform.

Detect hackers faster

Beware of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), man-in-the-middle attacks, DNS spoofing, and poisoning. These are the methods used by hackers to bring down your website’s traffic, redirect it and steal or inject data into the connection with you and your users. Your servers could run smoothly while attackers secretly sabotage your website without you even realizing it.

Keep visitors and customers happy

It’s no secret that customers want to avoid visiting websites with subpar availability, poor performance, or one that doesn’t even work. During downtime, some dedicated clients may stay on your page; however, more often than not, they’ll head off to a competitor’s website. So if you’re rival supplies a more accessible and more dependable experience – chances are they won’t return.

Website monitoring

Availability and search engine ranking

Many of us don’t give downtime much thought, but it’s a key factor for search engines. Crawlers will continually evaluate your content, website speed, and availability. Even the mighty Google acknowledges that there are certain times when an outage is inevitable; however, frequent or extended outages can significantly hurt your Search Engine Optimization.

Lost reputation

Users trust your website – whether they have visited it before or not. But their confidence in you and what you offer plummets when an outage occurs. Outages can cause users to view the entirety of your brand negatively, be that online or offline services. Therefore, outages can tarnish a customer’s opinion of the product and the company behind them. Even if you opt for cloud-based or dedicated services, remember that they will also experience downtime – occasionally or frequently.

Website uptime is the cornerstone of your Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) plan. With it, you will have a chance at success – that’s why it should be your starting point. But don’t stop there. Downtimes can be detrimental to any business, but even more so if performance matters in addition to availability: slow-loading pages and malfunctioning services are an absolute no-go for customer satisfaction.

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