BIM technologies

BIM is information modelling technology. In the 1970s, it was the beginning of this tool. In the modern world, BIM technologies in design and construction are the most popular variant of them. Professionals can model any construction facility using this method. This tool facilitates the design, construction and operation of buildings and other infrastructure.

BIM technology features

BIM technology is what people are using in construction and architecture more and more every year. They enable us to generate information in a single format, which is vital to us throughout the life cycle of the infrastructure project.

Using information simulation of a building is the first step in which a 3D model of a building is formed. BIM technology is directly linked to the database. This includes more than just the appearance, size and materials of the building. Any information that is linked to the construction site is included in the databases, including economic and technological databases.

BIM technology in construction

These tools are used step by step in case of construction.

  1. Design. Specialists enter a 3D model into a program in which they calculate the characteristics of each element. At this stage, all engineering networks, possible thermal losses due to climate and topography are subject to analysis. Materials, including logistical information on delivery, timing and cost are included in the database.
  2. Construction. BYM technologies help professionals to manage the stage of a construction project. The program allows them to control costs too. With this tool, specialists can follow all decisions made as well as changes in real-time.
  3. Exploitation. After the construction of the infrastructure with the help of special sensors, specialists can collect information about the building and control its utility and latitude of functionality. This will help them to prevent emergency situations and regulate the state of the facility.

BIM information modelling technologies have many strengths. First of all, it is a high level of construction quality. Facilities that were built using BIM are valued for their functional infrastructure, safety and comfort. BIM information modelling technology allows to plan every detail, as well as to calculate a budget. Technology reduces construction time and helps builders minimize the risk of problems.

BIM is a technology that is not only a method of visualizing a building object. In a common database, comprehensive information about the building is stored. Any change is the trigger for the automatic correction of data. The information about the object is available in real-time mode, and this feature makes it very easy for every professional to work on the project. The Universal Program with BIM technologies helps builders develop successful projects that will help build quality and durable buildings.

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