Uncovering the IT secrets of the Book of Dead game: an overview from the developer’s point of view

It is easier to imagine a modern society with the influence of information technology. And although half a century ago, no common man could answer the question of what information technologies are, they have existed throughout the history of mankind.

In this article, we will talk about the history of information technology and its importance to modern society. We will also find out how the gambling industry has changed due to the progress of IT, using the Book of the Dead casino game as an example. We wish you a pleasant reading!

Features Book of Dead: the famous slot in the conditions of modern IT

Only some modern users can say what information technology is and why the statement that it existed long before the advent of computers is justified. We offer you to understand this together and find out the main differences between informatization and computerization in the example of the transformation of the casino industry.

In recent decades, the essence of information technologies has changed, and they began to be introduced into completely new spheres of human life. Thus, modern IT is difficult to imagine in isolation from computerization and informatization of society. At the same time, in the past, information technologies were understood as principles of social communication in the professional and everyday sphere. IT has always been a tool that helped people to structure their work activities and develop innovations.

At each stage of its development, information technology has represented the practical experience of civilization, collected in bits and pieces and summarized for human history. At its core, information technology is the accumulated scientific and applied knowledge over centuries that has helped people create the simplest and most complex gadgets at every stage of history. Even a loom was once a revolutionary device, and it too could only come into existence thanks to scientific advances and their proper application. This is how information technology works in practice.

Today, however, things are more complicated. People largely find it difficult to define information technology because they equate it with computerization. While this approach is fundamentally wrong, the computer (which also became an innovative gadget in its time), like the loom or book printing, appeared only thanks to developed information technologies. The introduction of computers and computing machines into various spheres of activity and the creating of an electronic network covering the entire globe is only the result of computerization. Today, it still does not stand.

Many spheres of human activity have changed thanks to the introduction and development of modern information technologies. Among them is the game industry. Previously, all games were reduced to table games and slot machines – including the casino industry. Today, board and card games have become a rarity, if not a relic of the past, but the gaming industry has developed much more in recent years. And it’s all thanks to computers. Users can also bet in a casino in a country where they are not a resident. For example, you can play Book of the Dead casino in Canada by enabling a VPN on your smartphone or tablet.

A couple of decades ago, gambling enthusiasts were forced to find a legal casino in their city, make their way to it during scheduled hours, and wait for an hour free from their day job. Today, the casino industry has been transformed by information technology, and users can bet from the comfort of their own homes. For example, anyone can play Book of the Dead or any other online slot using only a computer or smartphone. All you need for online betting is internet access and a reliable smartphone.

The Book of Dead game is also a product of modern information technology. It was once created as a slot machine slot, and you could only go through the plot of Book of Dead by visiting a gambling establishment. Today, this game has been transformed and simulates the old quest for slot machines.

Let’s consider the main features and characteristics of the slot. Predict the combination of symbols and make a spin can be no more than five times per game. At the same time, the game has ten pay lines – this is an average number for online casino slots. It allows the player not to fear the risks of a big loss but does not promise a huge win. However, the return rate is more than 96%, distinguishing Book of Dead from other slots.

Online Book of Dead is an online casino game that allows users to bet and compete for winnings and plunge into a fascinating story. The plot of this game will take you through ancient Egypt: you will have to travel through ancient ruins, Egyptian pyramids, and abandoned tombs. In Book of Dead, the user has to play Rich Wilde, the legendary charismatic hero of adventure stories.

The game is made in the style of legends about Indiana Jones and has excellent content. The developers have worked hard, creating a bright, detailed design with realistic pyramids and tombs. The game also mesmerizes with its soundtrack – it will immerse you in the atmosphere of real Ancient Egypt and fill you with positive emotions. The gambling betting chain will test your intuition and give you a great experience.


Today, online casino games are available to adult users with a stable internet connection. Play online casino Book of Dead in Canada with a VPN module to always stay up to date and bet day or night and anywhere in the world.

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